Canvas & Sculpture Art Camp:

Canvas & Sculpture Art Camp:

Release Date: June 29th

We've turned our most popular after school class into a Summer Art Camp!!! Each week will feature a beautiful acrylic painting on canvas as well as a matching miniature sculpture project. During our Canvas & Sculpture week we will paint and sculpt a sweet little kitten, a koala bear, a sloth hanging from a tree, and some brightly-colored tropical bird friends! Painting and sculpting with Miss Kate is easy & fun! Our simple step-by-step instructions makes this a perfect class for all ages, 5 and up!

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Canvas & Sculpture Art Camp:
  • Kitten with a Ball of Yarn

    Miss Kate will take you through the step by step process of how to draw this cute adorable kitten playing with a ball of yarn. Not only will you learn to draw this cutie, but she will also take you through the process of mixing color and painting the kitten to make it your own. Happy Painting!

  • Sloth in the Tree

    Learn with Miss Kate how to draw this cute sloth hanging from a tree and you will also learn how to mix and apply color. You'll go through this lesson step by step and make this painting your own.

  • Baby Koala

    In this Canvas and Sculpture Camp you'll follow along with Miss Kate and learn to draw this sweet Baby Koala. Not only will you learn to draw this adorable animal, but you will also learn to mix your own color to make this painting yours.

  • Two Tropical Birds

    In this lesson Miss Kate will walk you through how to draw these two tropical birds sitting together. You not only learn how to draw this adorable pair of birds, but you will also learn how to mix your paints to make this painting you own. Let's paint!